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First, you need to "register" on our website. Then you click on the "Order" button to use the "Order" service. After entering the link and information of the selected product in the appropriate boxes, you add it to your cart. After increasing your balance and paying for the product, entrust us with your order. you do

The TL balance is intended for payment of your Turkish orders placed on our website, and the USD balance is intended for payment of the delivery of your parcel to Baku. It is not possible to pay for cross-country delivery charges with TRY balance. There is no change between balances, it is not possible to send the amount from the USD balance to the TL balance or vice versa. However, you can withdraw the amount you have loaded to your balance via card to your bank card, and if you increase the balance in cash at our office, you can cash it from our office with the original of your ID card.

Delivery of your order from any website to our warehouse is carried out by courier companies in that country. Those companies charge a certain amount to deliver your package. That amount is visible on the websites where you ordered the product. Some sites do not charge domestic shipping if your purchase amount is high.

It is possible to order from all reliable websites that have online payment and deliver to our foreign warehouse

The shipping fee of the ordered package is calculated according to the weight after it enters our foreign warehouse. The delivery fee for parcels larger than 60 centimeters is calculated by volume and weight. Width*, height*, length*, 6000 standard is applied to calculate volumetric weight

Sometimes your order is canceled by the seller company, that is, the online store you ordered from. This is because the seller company is unable to deliver your order for certain reasons.

Currently, the personal value limit for orders is 300 (USD) per calendar month. The limit includes the value of the order and the shipping fee. No duty is applied by the State Customs Authority if the total value of orders does not exceed 300 USD within 1 calendar month.

To receive your parcel, you first come to our office, pay the delivery fee for your parcels and get a receipt and a barcode. Later, on the basis of these documents, you can apply to the General Customs Department of Air Transport to get detailed information about your package, formalize it and pay the storage costs at the Baku Cargo Terminal. Please note that if the personal use limit ($300) is exceeded, if the customs body is convinced that your product is for commercial purposes, or if it is a prohibited product, those parcels will be detained by the customs body. In addition, your package is subject to customs duty and value added tax. The maximum fee is 36%.

Yes, it is very important. The declarations you create allow your products to be quickly and seamlessly added to the system in the foreign warehouse and added to the customs system. In this regard, it is very important that you create a declaration for the products you buy. If there is a package that has not been declared by the customer among the packages that have entered our foreign warehouse, and if the price, type and name of the store in this package cannot be determined in our foreign warehouse, the status of this package is changed to "Incomplete declaration" status and information is sent to the customer. The customer can see the package and correct its information by entering the "Incomplete approval" status in his personal account. The package is prepared for departure only after the customer has entered the information in full in the declaration. Until the customer includes this information in the declaration, it is not possible to send the parcel according to the request of the customs authorities.